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1.Abrasion of linear scale.
Main phenomena: the axes stay in different position when RI is found; the travel of the axis reduced.
Solution: change a new linear scale.

2.Illumination control panel problem.
Main phenomena: the reflector lamp is abnormal.
Solution: change a new control panel.

3.Joystick failure.
Main phenomena: the axis still moves automatically when the joystick does not work properly
Solution: The problem might be either the failure of the handle of the joystick or the signal wire of the joystick. Repair the handle or the signal wire, or return the joystick to the manufacturer.

4.Loss of hardware driver.
Main phenomena: the software cannot activate the image or find the control card; The corresponding driver of the device manger is abnormal.
Solution: unplug the corresponding card and reset the driver. Change a new PCI slot if necessary.

5.Poor contact of white 68P and 37P wire.
Main phenomena: the RI cannot be found; the machine does not respond to any instructions, or the machine move back and forth and fail to find the RI.
Solution: unplug the wire and plug it again , ensure that the pins of the wire should be normal.

6.Unreliable measuring or repetition accuracy
Main possible causes: the material of the target products; customer’s precision requirements; image result; measuring environment; measuring method.
Solution: specific solution should be adopted for specific cause.

7.Software issues
Main problems: the function of the software can not meet customer’s demand; software defect.
Solution: In terms of the software function, specific function can be developed to meet the requirements of customers as requested. The software will be updated periodically to solve the software bugs.

Troubleshoot the RI searching problems
1:The axis gets stuck in one end while in search of the RI. The possible cause is the position limit failure.
1.1Turn off the power of the instrument

1.2:Push the axis to the other end
1.3:Turn on the power, start the software and search the RI
1.4:Turn off the software and turn off the power
1.5:Push the axis to the other end
1.6:Turn on the power of the instrument, activate the software and search the RI
1.7:If the RI can be found once during the aforementioned two procedures, then the failure should be related to the position limit switch. If no RI can be found during both procedures, the failure may not be related to the position limit switch.
2:The RI cannot be found by moving the axis back and forth
1.1:If RI cannot be found on one of the axes, the problems could be :
a:WD042 wire is loose
b:Abrasion of the linear scale on the axis
c:Check whether the RI of the linear scale is close to one end of the linear scale
1.2:Check the motion card and its corresponding wires if the RI can not be found in all axes, then.

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