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1996: Rational Precision Instrument (Huiyang) Co., Ltd established.
1998: The first company to apply sole light source and photodiode to the linear scale.
1999: Released exclusive integrated block for the DRO and the reading can be up to 13.3MHZ.
2001: The first local made straight image profile projector debuted in China by Rational.
2002: DC3000 multifunctional digital readout released.
November 2002: Main Products were CE certified.
2003: Linear scale USB adapter emerged, making the direct connection between the linear scale and the computer a reality.
January 2004: ISO9001:2000 certified.
2004: CNC measuring machine released, earning the reputation and appreciation in the market.
2005: Coordinate measuring machine released and produced, which integrates precision machinery, air floatation, digitization, photoelectricity, video, automatic control, and software.
2006-2007: More than 20 projects developed, which cover high speed, non-contact scanning white light interference microscope incorporating optical microscope and white light interference function which is suitable in measuring various materials and surface features and micro-dimension measurement, and open type high precision reflection linear scale which is widely used in CNC machining center, machine tool, milling machine, grinding machine, and production process measuring machine and auto focusing, etc.
April 2008: Various types of more than 10 meters long WTF and WTFA series magnetic linear scale, which can be applied to large-sized machine tools, were developed and released.
March 2009:High precision cantilever type measuring system awarded Utility Model Patent.
May 2009:Released new series high efficient tool presetter which can be operated by fast dragging.
November 2009:Launched quick type video measuring machine, which possesses one-button intelligent measuring features while excludes grating sensor.
March 2010: DC200 DRO, the first new generation TFT true color LCD human-computer interface two dimension data processor in China, was launched, which is widely used in profile projector, tool microscope, and video measuring machine, etc.
June 2010: Produced the first single-field scanning sensor chip exclusively used in the linear scale in China. The sensor chip can efficiently decrease manufacturing defect of the linear scale and improve the linear scale’s immunity to poor working conditions.
April 2011: The first local made large-sized floor type profile projector with Ф600mm screen and up to120mm objective view in China was released.
October 2011: High precision CPJ-3040A /AZ digital profile projector ,which is equipped with the biggest worktable in China, was released.
February 2012: QV100 software, which is exclusively used in quick type video measuring machine, was developed and released.
November 2012: Self-developed measuring software QIM3D was released, which is used in CNC video measuring systems.
June 2013: High resolution height measuring instrument DHT-600MA was released.
September 2014: CNC long stroke metalloscope MTM-6090H was released.

2015: Specially designed for the measuring of IC and LED industry, the new version of Metallurgical Microscope, X13, was released and adopted favorably by world class semiconductor packaging firms.
2016: Launched X14, a new model of Metallurgical Microscope.
2016: Launched CS series, high precision and all in one type CNC VMS.
2016: Awarded High Tech prize of the year of Guangdong province.
2017: Honored ISO 9001 of new version, and the certificate of ISO 9001: 2015 was acquired in July.
2017: CNC VMS paired up with special version QMS3D specifically designed for solar panel measuring successfully released and won substantial orders and admiration from customers due to its outstanding performance.
2017: Launched VMS –D100S, Instant VMS of new version, successfully in September.
2017: Awarded qualification certificate by Engineering center of Guangdong province, PRC in September.

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