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Rational participated in Renishaw’s joint promotion: Changes

Edited By:Admin     Date:2014-9-25

To thank the trust and support of all new and regular customers, from now on, whoever orders CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine configured with every new PH10 head, will be rewarded probe auto-replacement rack as well as probe module both provided by industrial giant Renishaw. You don’t have to pay any additional fees to improve your measuring efficiency and prolong the service life of the instrument. Please refer to the so-called "promotional items" in this joint promotion as stated below. There are four choices according to the probe’s configurations. Please note that we provide ACR3 with half price rather than free.

A-5484-0010 MCR20 Offer
1 off MCR20 rack for automatic stylus changing with TP20 (rack only) 1 off TP20 standard force module kit
A-5484-0011 SCR200 Offer
1off SCR200 rack for automatic stylus changing with TP200 (rack only)
1off TP200 standard force stylus module
A-5484-0012 FCR25 Offer
2off FCR25 flexible change rack unit (triple-port units for MRS system)
(Included 2 x FCR25 + 3 x PA25-SH + 3 x PA25-20) 1off 400mm MRS kit
A-5484-0013 ACR3 Offer (half price)
1 off ACR3 four port auto-change rack kit


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